Methods for using the ‘log’ command

async git_interface.log.get_logs(git_repo, branch=None, max_number=None, since=None, until=None)

Generate git logs from a repo

param git_repo

Path to the repo

param branch

The branch name, defaults to None

param max_number

max number of logs to get, defaults to None

param since

Filter logs after given date, defaults to None

param until

Filter logs before given date defaults to None

raises NoCommitsException

Repo has no commits

raises UnknownRevisionException

Unknown revision/branch name

raises GitException

Error to do with git

raises NoLogsException

No logs have been generated


The generated logs

  • git_repo (pathlib.Path) –

  • branch (Optional[str]) –

  • max_number (Optional[int]) –

  • since (Optional[datetime.datetime]) –

  • until (Optional[datetime.datetime]) –

Return type[Any, Any,[git_interface.datatypes.Log]]